ABB IRB6400 PROGRAMMING Verbeke Foundation April 2016

In April 2016 I spent a month of volunteering at the Verbeke Foundation,  Belgium. During this period I spent the majority of my time programming an ABB IRB6400to be installed as one of theartworks for Zoro Feigl’s exhibition.  The final work exhibited was a generative fluid motion performed by the arm. This was acheived using variable frequency sinusoidal oscillations to control each of the 6 axes of motion. For the installation a long thin strip of steel was secured to the end of the robot arm, which resulted in an interesting mechanical sound output. Visitors were intrigued by the smooth twisting motions of the robot arm as they appeared to be more natural than robotic. I programmed the robots in ABB’s RAPID language, and during this time with the robots I was also able to experiment with generative drawing as well as basic foam milling.