Lego Modular Interactive Sculpture International School Science Fair 2015

This installation was completed for the John Monash Science School toward the end of 2015, as both an educational project and a work of art. The sculpture simulates the propagation of motion exhibited by large groups of animals when startled. Constructed entirely out of Lego, with 24 Ev3 control blocks, 72 motors and over 13,000 Lego Technic Components the installation proved to be quite a technical challenge to assemble. The end result was however, visually appealing and compelling for students taking part in the 2015 International Schools Science Fair. The simulation was designed to be constructed from a number of individual modules, which could both act on their own as independent entities while also having the capacity to communicate to one another in some way. This communication would enable the propagation of a mechanical signal along a single axis of the installation, allowing it to resemble some kind of wave motion. I designed and constructed a singular module and then my students constructed replicas in a collaborative effort.