Iris is a kinetic light sculpture capable creating various ruled line surface geometries in 3d space with laser light, designed by Marshmallow Laser Feast, in collaboration with Ruairi Glynn. For a third iteration of the installation, Iris was redesigned as a commission for the Lowry Theatre, Manchester. For this iteration of Iris, the sculpture consisted of 40 laser modules, fitted to an 8*8m cross structure suspended 15m above the theatre floor. The laser rig performed a beautifully animated choreography to a composition by Oliver Coates.

For this iteration of the installation I was responsible for the engineering of the electrical and mechanical functionality of the laser modules. Each module in the construction is capable of manipulating the laser beam direction around two axis of rotation in real time as well as controlling the beam brightness, allowing it to render complex 3d forms. The modules, and the installation were constructed in collaboration with the Interactive Architecture Lab - Bartlett UCL.

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