Dx17 Duxford imperial war museum 2017

DX17 is an interactive sound sculpture, commissioned to sound artist Nick Ryan by the Duxford Imperial War Museum. The sculpture takes form as a large delta wing structure fitted with 100 lights, each capable of transmitting audio signals through the use of visible light audio transmission. Visitors are given a specially designed receiver device which enables them to tune in to the samples played back from each of the light sources as a way of listening into the memories of the last 100 years at the Duxford Airfield.

I was responsible for the development of custom electronics to enable both the transmission and reception of the audio content through visible light modulation, or Photophonics. This involved the design and fabrication of PCB's as well as a significant amount of research completed in order to achieve the desired level and fidelity of audio transmission. 

DX17 was completed in collaboration with interaction design practice Kin and fabricator Tom Cecil and was opened of June the 15th, 2017 by HRH the Duke of Kent